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Firefox Backup 2011 is a software that saves your Mozilla Firefox profiles
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Firefox Backup 2011 is a clearly-structured application that saves your Mozilla Firefox profiles in specific backup files that you can then compress and encrypt, as well as restore when necessary. These profiles contain all the information that makes the Firefox browser installed in your system “your” browser – bookmarks, add-ons, passwords, etc.

The beauty of this tool is that, unlike when trying to do the same operations using the browser itself, you do not need to look for your profiles all around your hard drive – the program will locate them for you and will offer you the different options available in an intuitive Firefox-like interface. But this backup tool is not only a GUI to help you perform the same tasks in a more comfortable way – Firefox Backup 2011 can also protect your profiles using 255-bit AES encryption, and compress its content to help you save useful disk space. The backup file crated is also cross-platform, so you do not have to worry about your settings and bookmarks every time you upgrade or downgrade to a different version of Windows.

Finally, it is worth mentioning two other features that make this tool an interesting add-on – the possibility of carrying the program with you at all times by creating a portable version of it, and the fact that it lets you schedule automatic backups, so that you can forget about your profiles and concentrate on more interesting things.

Regrettably, the trial version provided is nothing but an empty shell that will not produce any backup file. Thus, it has not been possible to assess the quality of the encryption, the size of the compressed profiles, and the integrity of the restored data.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple interface with straightforward functionality
  • Allows you to compress your backups to save you disk space
  • Offers 256-bit AES encryption capabilities for extra security


  • The trial version is a mock-up of the true program, so its true functionality cannot be tested
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